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Milestone XProtect  (Platinum Partner)

Milestone Systems is one of the world's leading providers of open platform IP video surveillance management software. All Milestone XProtect products are designed with open architecture and are compatible with more IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders than any other manufacturer.

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As part of the Security Center unified platform, the Omnicast™ IP video management system (VMS) provides organisations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that addresses their unique video security needs. Through deep support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders, and CCTV equipment, the Omnicast system scales and adapts to the changing demands of your security environment.

System highlights:

  • Deep integration of the latest IP cameras, readiness to support the computational needs of HD and 4K video.
  • Adaptability to complex network topologies and new storage solutions are all important considerations when choosing a modern VMS platform.
  • Video authorization is secure and both archived video and video in-transit is encrypted.
  • KiwiVision Video Analytics deliver insights you act on, and eliminate the noise. You transform your video into smart, actionable information that helps you detect and understand emerging events - so you can make the right decision at the right time.


Based in Canada, Avigilon designs and manufactures high-definition surveillance solutions that deliver the best evidence. Their open, industry-leading HD network video management software and megapixel cameras are reinventing surveillance by providing the world’s best image quality.

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CCTV Cameras


Swedish company Axis is a market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analogue to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions that are based on innovative and open technical platforms.

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Global technology giant Panasonic provides innovative CCTV security equipment for financial institutions, industry, retail, transportation, education, city and town councils, gas stations and parking facilities.

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Other CCTV Video Management Systems we support and service

FLIR Video Management System

Latitude is a reliable, enterprise-level software solution for video surveillance supporting an unlimited number of cameras over IP networks. Latitude features enhanced cyber security, edge device integration, and global administration. Users will experience a simplified discovery process and analytics setup of FLIR FC-Series ID thermal cameras. Automated PTZ tracking is also available with FLIR thermal PT and PTZ cameras.

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Access Control Systems

Gallagher SMS/Command Centre

Gallagher SMS Command Centre is the central management tool for the Gallagher system, a comprehensive Windows®-based security system that provides high-level security management for global access control, intruder alarms, voice over IP, and alarm management.

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Inner Range Integriti

Inner Range's latest technology platform is the result of continuous industry participation and product development by the people at Inner Range. Integriti delivers a state-of-the-art solution with tangible cost-savings through its integrated Security, Access Control and Building Automation functionality.

Integriti is perfect for small sites through to large multi-campus institutions. Only pay for what you want when you need it; Integriti's flexible modular design means it grows with you. And because it's an IP-based networked solution, utilise new or existing I.T. infrastructure for boundless connectivity.

Large or small, everyday use of your Integriti system is simple.Unlock doors, turn on or off security areas all by simply presenting a card at a reader or by using the colour graphic keypad. Manage your entire system via intuitive Windows® based software.

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ICT Protege

Whether it’s a small business needing basic protection or a large-scale enterprise project with thousands of doors and complex user access requirements, our systems provide a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of big or small.  The Protege solution integrates access control, intruder detection and building automation.

ICT's open technology allows our products to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, providing a comprehensive solution that adds value to the infrastructure investments you already have on site.

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Interlogix Tecom Challenger

Highly adaptable and easily expanded, Challenger is used by small businesses to  corporate giants in the banking, mining, transportation, education, healthcare, utilities, government and retail sectors.

Challenger's modular architecture provides an intrusion detection panel that can be used standalone and easily operated via a keypad. When the system's sensors detect an intruder, sirens and strobes operate locally, and the Challenger panel's built-in dialer notifies a central monitoring station.

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New Innovative Solutions

ASG Technologies

Advanced Security have available from our very own Group owned company, ASG Technologies, a suite of innovative and cost effective products able to completely change the outcomes for customers.

Key Management Systems

KeyWatcher Illuminated is a modular, scalable integrated key control and management solution that’s designed for interoperability with access control and other systems. With KeyWatcher Illuminated, access to the electronic key cabinet and to individual keys is under your complete control. You decide who has permission to remove each key, and with KeyWatcher’s advanced communications capabilities, you always know who removed any key and when it was taken. It’s the solution that gives you more value, more storage and more convenient accessibility to your electronic key management system.

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CCTV Video Management Systems

CCTV Cameras

Other CCTV Video Management Systems we support and service

Access Control Systems

Key Management Systems

Covid-19 - Fever screening thermographic cameras

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras can detect elevated skin-surface temperatures in moving crowds. Enabling rapid, preliminary temperature screening in office buildings, factories, stations, airports and other public places, with accuracy up to ±0.3°C

As a leading nationwide electronic security integrator, we specialise in Corporate and Government electronic security solutions. An essential service, available 24/7, we are your trusted security provider.

Covid-19 - Public interaction intercom

A window security intercom system using high-security barrier glass is essential for sites with service windows, such as pharmacies, service stations, hospitals, banks, government departments, local councils, consulates, retail stores or doctors surgeries.

Advanced Security presents a security window intercom system using acoustic tube with a noise-cancelling microphone.  Producing clear sound with good volume, allowing smooth communication between the two sides of a service window barrier.

Covid-19 - Queue management solutions

Advanced Security’s Queue Management Solution provides the ability to generate and monitor a 2 metre gap rule at locations within your environment (e.g. Checkout Counter, ATM, Customer Service Counter, etc.). Actions are triggered when there is a breach of the 2 metre Gap Rule, which may include the likes of Audible Notifications, Status Indicator Lights, Staff alerts, etc.  Selectable Queue threshold regions (up to 3 regions per camera) can be set to prompt the selected actions from each AXIS camera.

The AXIS camera can be connected to most industry-standard Video Management Systems, or it can be installed in a standalone mode. The AXIS camera can have an internal SD Card fitted for edge storage of video footage.

Covid-19 - Touchless door opening solutions

Advanced Security has a range of swing door operating mechanisms able to be retrofitted to existing doors.  These solutions remove the need for staf or members of the public having to touch the door, this removing a significant risk of spreading a virus such as Covid-19.

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