New! SAAS Secure Host for centralised security management

In the same way that Xero provides accounting management in the cloud, our new Secure Host service provides security management in the cloud. A software-as-a-service (SAAS) product, Advanced Security's Secure Host service hosts your security management system, such as Gallagher Command Centre, on a highly secure external cloud infrastructure. You get centralised 24/7 management of security at all your sites.

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Access control systems

Who’s entering your site? Who’s already inside? Access control is critical for operators of security-sensitive sites. Our access control systems are built around your specific requirements. Solutions can include credentials management systems,  contactless smart badges, vehicle identification systems and multi-modal biometric ID systems for high-security areas. We propose sustainable solutions that are easy to adapt and to scale, both in terms of size and the level of security you require.

As an addition to any access control system, we also have a suite of LoRa wireless devices, these are able to monitor remotes doors, hatches and fences.   These units are fully encryted and have full integration to security management systems such as Gallagher.  The devices can communicate upto 20km.   These LoRa devices are our very own solutions and are extremely cost-effective for detecting unwanted incursions into areas of your facility.

Intruder detection systems

We work with you to create integrated intruder detection solutions for new buildings, using perimeter and volumetric detection. We’re also able to apply our expertise to existing systems.

Closed circuit television systems

CCTV systems are a powerful deterrent to crime and unauthorized access. They can also enhance public safety. Advanced Security specialises in providing robust, effective CCTV systems that meet you objectives. We have designed and implemented systems for a wide range of needs, from street surveillance, campus and corporate sites, through to defence sites and major sports stadiums (Eden Park).

Advanced Security is able to provide analytics and deeper insights through our own Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.  These are enabled at the edge and can detect weapons and objects in real-time.


Advanced Security is an experienced installer of intercom systems for industrial and commercial applications. We can offer audio or video solutions backed by prompt, personalised technical support.


Perimeter Fences, Motorised gates, and barrier arms

We provide a number of different perimeter fencing technologies including power fence and taut wire.  We also supply, install and maintain motorised gates and barriers. Gate types include sliding cantilever, sliding track and swing gates. We use access control system readers and wireless Weigand devices for access control.

Identification cards

We manufacture high-spec identification cards for many of our clients. We also sell complete card printing solutions, allowing companies and organisations to print their own cards. We can also supply essential ID card accessories, such as lanyards and clips.

Network and cyber security

Advanced Security has signifcant expertise in network design and cyber security.  In a connected world, all data must be kept secure, and infrastructure safe.


Unified control and monitoring system

We offer our clients a simplified control room through the Saab OneView control and monitoring system. OneView provides a single, customisable user interface that integrates electronic sub-systems, external databases and external building management systems.