Ester Nicolay

Ester Nicolay TPT Group

Ester Nicolay

GM People, Culture & Systems

Ester is the GM People, Culture and Systems and looks after all the non-financial head office functions. Ester joined Advanced Security in Auckland in 2008 as the Service Coordinator. In 2011 Ester went on maternity leave to have her daughter Viktoria, after this she returned as an administrator part time.

In 2013 Ester stepped in the HR Manager role, completing HR Foundations and had her second child George in 2014. Two weeks after George was born, she started a Bachelor of Business Degree which she finally completed in 2020. Ester also became a Chartered Member of HRNZ in 2020.

Between 2013 and 2021 Ester’s team has grown from being just her to 6, now supporting the business with Head Office functions. Ester is incredibly proud of all that her team accomplish every day and acknowledges that without them, the great outcomes reached every day wouldn’t be achieved.

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