Wayne Couchman


Wayne Couchman

Health & Safety Business Partner

Wayne joined TPT Group as the Health & Safety Business Partner in 2021 with a variety of experiences and education unique for his field. He has spent the majority of his working life in Southland, and became very diverse within the transport industry, spending many hours driving and operating heavy machinery. He also undertook an apprenticeship as a motor engineer, gaining skills work on some very high-end vehicles.

Wayne moved to Canterbury in 2003 where he met his wife, and moved to Taupo to her hometown in 2008 where he took on a role with a major crane company, working all over the central north island. In his three years of work, there was not one first aid injury amongst his team, which is a remarkable achievement. Wayne then studied a Diploma in Health and Safety, graduating in 2016.

Shortly before joining TPT, Wayne worked as a Health and Safety Coordinator at a number of major machinery companies in Auckland, and has now found himself with a full time role as the Health and Safety Business Partner for TPT. Health & Safety has always been important to Wayne, never more so than now, as his personal life experiences have made him passionate about helping people avoid harm to themselves or others.

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