Our project capability

The physical security solutions we offer are unique, fit for purpose, and cutting-edge. We consider it our role to provide best-practice security measures for the present, while also keeping an eye on your future security needs.
We offer full inhouse design and installation services for every type of electronic security project. We're proud to have been involved in many of New Zealand's most complex projects with some of the world's most security-sensitive organisations. 
With over 18 years of experience, we can manage the requirements of any organisation, no matter the size or location. We know every company and security need is individual, so talk to our team to see how we can help protect your organisation.

Sectors and industries we currently work with


We service and maintain a number of Aotearoa’s government agencies, departments and ministries. Many of these are nationwide, and have multiple sites across the country.

Our understanding of the Protective Security Requirements (PSR), our clearances, and experience means we’re ready to serve any requirements in the government sector.



We believe in being where our customers are, which is why we continue to invest in growing a nationwide geographic spread to meet our customers needs.

Through our ISO accredited processes, we deliver consistent solutions from one end of Aotearoa to the other.


Land, air or sea, we’re trusted to safeguard those who protect the interests of us all.

We can leverage best practice to meet the needs of the most security conscious customers.


High-rise or campus-wide, we have the experience to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose in the corporate environment.

Elevator control, speedstiles, visitor management, lockers, intercoms, split tenancies, system management…we do it all.


We work with loss-protection and risk managers within the retail sector to reduce theft and damage within their stores, and to increase security for both staff and customers.

We can help implement state of the art physical security solutions to help you protect your stores anywhere in Aotearoa.


We provide critical physical security for a range of healthcare providers and facilities across Aotearoa.

Our team are experienced in providing customised products and solutions to medical organisations. We can offer a significant layer of protection for staff and patients.


Our experience in this sector is second to none. We currently work with sporting complexes, libraries, convention centres, pools and other public spaces to ensure their staff and the public are safe.

With a comprehensive range of venue security expertise we can purpose-build the best solution for any scenario, whether it's permanent day-to-day safety, or a special event.


Our team have long-term, ongoing relationships and contracts with a myriad of ports and logistics specialists.

We'll share our many years of experience to ensure your organisation has a highly specialised solution that will keep you and your staff safe.


When it comes to securing airports, we are the experts. We currently provide specialised physical security solutions to a range of airports across Aotearoa.

Our products and expertise ensure staff and travelers are protected with state of the art tech.


Our team have extensive experience supporting utility providers, and know what it takes to provide these large organisations with the best security measures.

We understand the unique security challenges of this sector, and will ensure you have the right solutions.

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