Identification Cards

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What are Identification Cards?

Identification cards enable you to easily identify staff. Ensuring your staff have the right ID on them at all times can be a critical element of any security solution, and is a smart first step to keeping your organisation protected.

Advanced Security manufacture high-spec ID cards, including bluetooth credentials for a wide range of organisations. Whatever your requirements, we can find a solution for you, and offer flexible, scalable and customisable printing options.

ID cards

How are they useful?

ID cards can help add a layer of security to your organisation, by ensuring employees can identify each other, and are in the right location.

Our sophisticated ID card solutions range from printing on your behalf, to providing complete card printing solutions. Our card printing solutions enable your organisation to print your own cards, as and when you need them. We also supply essential ID card accessories, such as lanyards and clips, so you can ensure your employees have everything they need.

Benefits of Identification Cards

Easily identify all staff
Minimise security risks and unauthorised access
Customisable printing options

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