SAAS SecureHost

Secure Host

What is SecureHost?

SecureHost bridges the gap between physical and virtual security worlds. A robust, feature-rich hosted solution, SecureHost can help reduce IT infrastructure costs, offers more robust disaster recovery, and the convenience of centralised 24/7 management of security at all your sites.

Hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, SecureHost (an Advanced Security product) is a full Software as a Service (SaaS) Access Control security solution.

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How is it useful?

We establish a secure connection between your SMS software and our cloud infrastructure. By logging in from any internet-connected device, you can manage security systems, including access control, remotely. You have control over who can use the system, and what they have access to.

Benefits of using SecureHost

24/7 online management of all your NZ security sites from any internet-connected device
Robust data security and data redundancy
Simplified software upgrades, and disaster recovery
Reduced expenditure on IT infrastructure and maintenance
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What to know more?

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